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easy2grow liquid feed has been specially formulated to be used with all AutoPot Watering Systems and is perfect for use with all kinds of vegetables, fruit and plants. Many widely available liquid feeds provide a balanced feed for plants but leave large amounts of sediment/salt deposits in the tank that can be dragged through the pipes and into the AQUAvalves. This sediment causes unsuspected blockages and ultimately dead plants. A one part feed such as easy2grow Liquid Plant Fertiliser dilutes extremely well in water, remains mixed and does not separate and thus leaves minimal sediment.

  • Simple to use 1 part feed, for all plant types and stages of growth
  • Added seaweed
  • Minimal sediment build up, ensuring clean lines and piping
  • Dilutes extremely well in water
  • Remains mixed and does not separate

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  1. 5 out of 5

    bought this last year for first time had good results
    but this year so far the growth is great feed plants( started at 1/4 strength for then 1/2 feed till roots showed out bottom)when moved from seed tray to 2 inch pot planted in autopot system c only thing i would like is tds table for fertiliser as used in hydro system

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