The AutoPot Festival 2016

So we finally dropped the F-Bomb, and how! By the weekend of 13th/14th August tickets to the AutoPot Festival had become so hot that they developed their own gravitational field with many people simply drifting off into space clutching their cosmic coupons.

We all truly hope you had as good a time as we did. Much credit must go to our sponsors, the wind beneath our wings, whose provision of facilities kept spirits high and the festival aloft. They played an integral part in making things happen and contributed in countless, often unseen, ways to everyone’s enjoyment and satisfaction.


There wasn’t a flat or functional edge in sight at the trade event on the Sunday. One of the biggest compliments we were paid was the imagination and enthusiasm with which our exhibitors produced their stands. They completely ran with the opportunity to show off their products and their desire to entertain.

We had aimed for something that would flit between the flames of business and pleasure like a very sexy moth with business written on one wing and pleasure written on the other. We sincerely hope that we achieved such an effect.


Profound thanks to Ben, Tim and the guys at Plantasia whose greenhouses were nothing short of bountiful (see below). They also did a vast amount in turning the site over to the festival and working like horse machines (tractors perhaps? – but more elegant) on the transformation. Huge gratitude to all those at AutoPot who turned their hands to all manner of strange and savage tasks. We present a full tummy salute in the direction of the caterers. Finally, we send a mental (not, NOT literal) Ferrero Rocher of appreciation to our guests all of whom took up the vibe and added to it with panache!


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  1. Hi I have a company circulate ltd making mdf box fans I was hoping to get 4 x tickets to this years festival with a view to possibly next year having a stand
    Kind regards,


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