AutoPot – Forces of Nature

Mount AutoPot has not escaped all the sweet summer rain we’ve been enjoying. What’s more it seems the downpour has swept a raft of new products from our high peak down to the grateful, smiling people in the valleys below. Amongst those items riding the torrent is the new AutoPot 4Pot System looking quite the spruce goose in its freshly liveried box.


Summer Festival

Bobbing along just behind that come the new 25ltr/6.6gal and 50ltr/13gal FlexiTanks. Perfect for hobby and small-scale growers these additions to the FlexiTank range mean that almost no space is now too small for a system.

For retail outlets these new FlexiTanks make superb demonstration systems possible in even the smallest of spaces!

Last but not least bursting the riverbanks is the AutoPot White range! We teased you with it last month so it’d be downright cruel not to give you the full story on our new white pots. AutoPot easy2Grow, 1Pot modules and the XL are all available now in stylish but limited edition ‘bianco’. Growing in white pots not only looks great and keeps you alert to pests and mess but also keeps the root structure of your plants at a sensibly cool temperature – essential when growing in hot or humid conditions.


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